Safe fun for all is what we strive to achieve everyday. As pets differ in age, personality, and physical endurance we do our best to provide an environment and specific exercise programs that best suits each pet's individual needs. It is important that we know whether your pet prefers to be in a smaller group and if they get along with larger or smaller pets. The overall health condition and special medical needs of the pets in our care is taken into consideration when we plan for the amount of exercise and rest most appropriate for your pet.


Limited Number of Pets: We love animals and will not compromise your pet's safety for an additional profit. We guarantee not to endanger your pet's safety by maintaining the number of pets to a manageable amount (between 3 - 6 per group walk).


Travel Protection: Whether we are picking up or dropping off your beloved pet, your dogs protection is our number one focus.


First-Rate Insurance Coverage: We are fully bonded & insured


Quality Assurance


Pledge of Excellence: We offer a 100% guarantee to our clients


Service Promise Delivery:  we consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver on our promise of service excellence (references available).


Service Reports


Information Exchange: Our customers receive progress reports on their pets' daily activity and training through email reports.


Customer Care


Business Friendly Service:  We strive to provide a caring and professional service, while demonstrating a down to earth mentality.


Open Communication: All who visit our site or contact us are encouraged to provide feedback on our service and our dog walking packages offerings. We encourage honest dialogue with anyone who contacts us, and view feedback as a helpful tool to enable us to grow as people and as a business. From your first contact we aim to provide you with an open ear and any information you desire.