At DOG FIT we take great pride in providing your pet with the best care possible, and providing you with peace of mind. We cater to both North and West Vancouver.


We are a dog walking business which offers dogs and clients the most rewarding experience out there. I like to give your dog the best experience I can offer. Your dog will get awesome exercise on a mountain trail walk. They have the freedom to walk in a safe enviroment that caters to all abilities. Since your dog is in a group setting. Your dog gets to socialize and bond with other dogs and become part of a pack. He or she will love it. I work on some basic obedience with in each walk. I make sure that your dog will sit,stay and "come" on command. When they get really good at it I have the whole pack sit in a line and wait for the command to come while I'm in the distance. Your dog will get amazing exercise,obedience and socialization within each walk! At the end of the walk your dog will be towelled off and dried if wet or dirty. Your dog will be dropped off always wagging its tail.

About Dog Fit